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TLC Health Supplies | Hero Image

Welcome to TLC Health Supplies

During recent viral outbreaks, TLC recognised the need to secure its supply chains for consumables, personal protective equipment, tests and other critical healthcare consumables. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, panic buying ensued across the healthcare industry driving prices of consumable goods to unprecedented levels.

As the pandemic developed, new products such as rapid antigen tests entered the market. After a slow start, these products suddenly became in high demand due to increasing outbreaks and Government mandates. Over time, other critical healthcare consumables have also been impacted as international manufacturing and transport networks feel the impact of supply chain disruptions.

Storage capacity is also at a premium, given the increased volumes of consumables required to ensure business continuity in aged care. The security of critical healthcare consumables also became a consideration as black markets proliferated.

TLC Health Supplies provides a reliable and cost-effective supply chain solution specifically tailored to the unique challenges of the aged care industry. We can deliver your critical healthcare consumables within two (2) business days, giving you:

  • access to our bulk purchasing power and economies of scale
  • a robust supply chain to ensure your business continuity
  • a streamlined online purchasing process
  • reduced wastage, theft and spoilage
  • a reduction in storage requirements at your locations.

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly team, call 132 852 or email [email protected]